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Parlay Betting: What Is It? #3 How to Calculate Football Parlays for Instant Cash

If you're serious about online soccer betting and don't know what parlay betting is, you're missing out. If you want to double your account, or get more with less, there's nothing like parlay soccer bets.

If you're new to it, let us guide you through everything you need to know about parlay soccer bets.

What Is Parlay Betting?

Parlay betting involves combining multiple individual soccer betting selections into a single ticket. It's also known as accumulator, combo bet, mix parlay, or multiple bets, among other names. A parlay ticket wins only if all the selected bets win.

In cases where a bet has half-odds, the parlay ticket is still counted and adjusted accordingly based on the placed odds.


Parlay bets offer high potential payouts, much higher than single bets.


The win rate is typically lower, and it requires accurate prediction of all bets in the ticket, which can be capital-intensive.

Types of Parlay Bets and Terminology:

How to Calculate Parlay Bets According to the Latest Rules

Now that you understand what parlay betting is, let's dive into how to calculate parlay bets. First, convert the odds to decimal format for easier calculation.

️How to Calculate Parlay Bets with All Wins

In this case, simply multiply the odds of all selected bets to get the total parlay odds.

The formula is as follows:

Potential Winnings = Bet 1 Odds x Bet 2 Odds x Bet 3 Odds...x Bet N Odds

For example:

Know the Calculation Date

A 3-leg parlay bet consists of the following single bets:

Everton -1 to win @2.06 odds Over Man Utd 2.75 goals to win @2.03 odds Man City -2.25 to win @1.96 odds The parlay odds for 3 bets = 2.06 x 2.03 x 1.96 = 8.20

If you bet 100k, your potential winnings = 100 x 8.20 = 820k VND


When entering your bet amount, ensure it's in the "Bet 3 x1" box, and the odds are @8.20 next to it. If you're betting on 4 - 5 - 6 parlay bets or more, the ticket can get lengthy, so be careful not to make mistakes.

️How to Bet on Asian Handicap, Over/Under in Parlays

In parlay betting, full wins on all legs are rare. You're likely to encounter draws, half-wins, or half-losses. Therefore, knowing how to calculate parlay bets is crucial for managing your potential winnings, hedging your bets, or balancing two outcomes. It's not complicated—all you need to do is follow the formula:

Draw/Cancel bet: The odds will be replaced by 1 Half-win bet: The odds are recalculated using the formula [1 + (odds - 1) / 2] Half-lose bet: The odds are replaced by 1/2

For more accurate predictions and potential profit, consider buy soccer tips .

So here's the formula for calculating:

The final parlay odds = Win odds x [1 + (half-win odd -1) / 2] x 1/2 (half-lose odd) x 1 (if it's a draw) ...

For a concrete example: Learning the precise calculation formula For example, let's consider a 3-leg bet with both wins and losses. With the bet and odds as above, applying the above formula to calculate football parlay odds: The final parlay odds = 2.03 x [1 + (2.01 - 1) / 2] x 1/2 x 1 = 1.53 Odds for winning 4-leg parlay: @1.53 If you bet 100k, Your potential winnings = 100 x 1.53 = 153k VND

And so, whether it's a 5-leg or 10-leg parlay, just apply the same formula to cash out. However, if you choose reputable betting sites, you may not even need to remember the calculation method. Bookmakers have automated everything for us, so whether it's a 5-leg or 10-leg parlay, the betting slip will automatically adjust the corresponding amount from the stake to the winnings. However, those who still bet traditionally need to remember this formula. Nowadays, while there may be fewer "Thach Sanh" types, there are many "Ly Thong" types, and bookies making mistakes or reducing odds is quite normal. Moreover, the calculation method for football bets varies according to each specific betting scenario.

Does a draw count in parlay bets? Do you think a draw counts in parlay bets? Typically, in parlay bets, there are only wins or losses, no refunds, half-wins, or half-losses. This aspect makes parlay bets similar to playing combination lottery numbers. However, in 4-leg parlays, if all results end in a draw, then it counts as a draw (applying the odds - 1 formula). In addition, in most betting sites, the odds for draws in parlays are set at 1. Therefore, it's evident that this calculation method entirely depends on the match results as well as the bookmakers' regulations, so it's essential to thoroughly understand before participating.

#3 Easiest Way to Place Parlay Soccer Bets Here are some strategies for always winning soccer bets gleaned from times of failed 5-leg or 6-leg parlays. Following these, you'll surely increase your chances of winning and gain more confidence in placing bets.

Choose VIP handicap soccer tips 1x2 The Handicap bets we're discussing here include over/under results, corner kicks, yellow cards, etc.—any bets that allow handicap betting. In such cases: Prioritize combining bets on the underdogs. Because underdog bets are easier to parlay and control parlay slips. For instance, combine a 3-leg parlay with 3 matches favoring the underdogs from +0.75 onwards. Combine over bets when the over team plays away, and the handicap is from -0.5 onwards. For example, combine a 3-leg parlay with 3 matches favoring the over team, with a handicap from 0.5 onwards, where the away team is stronger than the home team by a significant margin. Combine handicap corner kick bets for matches where the two teams are evenly matched. In this case, choose handicaps starting from 2 corner kicks onwards. For example, if Tottenham plays Man Utd with MU -2 corner kicks handicap, immediately pick Man Utd +2 corner kicks for your parlay.

Expertise in Playing Parlay Soccer Bets: Over/Under for High Wins and Easy Wins

Most players nowadays are more interested in over/under bets when it comes to parlaying. There are ways to increase the parlay win rate as follows:

Avoid parlaying over 3.25 bets into your parlays.

Conversely, prioritize selecting under 3.5 matches to include in your parlays.

If you prefer over bets, the 2.75 over is the easiest to win. Bookmakers typically offer over 2.75 bets for evenly matched teams with an attacking style and good offensive capabilities.

Pay attention to matches with high odds for over 1 in the first half. Include in your parlays matches where over 1 is priced at @0.88 or higher.

If you already know how to interpret Penalty Over/Under bets, you can create very profitable parlays.

Guide to Playing Parlay Soccer Bets: Running/Dropping Without Fear of Loss

Knowing what parlay bets are and how to play them isn't enough. To play parlay bets well, you must understand how to run and drop soccer bets at the right time.

This means that if you've won 3 out of 4 legs in a 4-leg parlay and feel that the fourth leg is likely to lose, you'll need to drop the parlay and bet against that fourth leg in your parlay slip.

The goal is to balance your money so that whether you win or lose the 4-leg parlay, you still come out ahead. Here are the steps to determine how to drop a parlay:

Step 1: Recalculate the odds up to that point, subtracting the odds for the final match. (Following the formula provided above) Step 2: Calculate precisely how much you'll receive if the final bet wins fully/half, loses half, or draws, and then determine how much money to drop. Step 3: Identify the betting odds and the amount to wager on the match you want to drop. Bet against the combined odds within the parlay. For example, if a leg within the parlay has Chelsea -0.75, then when dropping it, bet on a single Chelsea +0.75. Drop the capital you've bet on the parlay. For instance, if you've bet 100k for a 4-leg parlay, then drop the same amount, 100k. This way, even if you lose the parlay, you'll break even without losing any capital. Drop to ensure you win at least in the worst-case scenario where one leg loses half. For example, if you've bet 100k on a 4-leg parlay, and three legs have fully won at odds @6.5, you've earned 650k. If the final leg loses half, you'd still win from the parlay. The amount received would be 650/2= 325k. You'd need to drop exactly 325k for the bet against that leg. This way, you'd still win at least 325k regardless of the outcome.

Series Soccer Tips : Running Parlay Soccer Bets

Among the various parlaying methods, running parlays are our favorite. Instead of hesitating between 2 or 3 legs, each with a considerable stake, we can combine them into a single parlay bet. Notes: Only combine 2 or 3 legs for running parlays; don't exceed this limit. Once you've committed to running parlays, don't consider dropping them. It's advisable to include running legs for the second half or the 65th minute. You can add a running bet that you feel confident in alongside a full-time parlay to increase the odds and potential winnings. Learn from expert runners to assemble your parlay. The winnings from running parlays are often 2 to 3 times the amount of the bet, which is significant. However, many players fall into the trap of overindulgence, wanting to bet on everything they see, which can lead to losses. Choose reputable bookmakers or betting platforms that allow running parlays, offer high odds, and provide timely payouts (pay when you win, not after the game ends). However, be sure to calculate carefully at what minute to start running the bet to make sure your entry is reasonable.

Key Notes When Applying Parlay Soccer Betting

There are some basic notes you need to understand when participating in parlay soccer betting or any other sport, such as:

Parlays don't allow combining bets from the same match. You can combine bets from different sports to create a sports parlay: soccer, basketball, table tennis, esports, etc. Many bookmakers offer refunds for parlays of 5 legs or more; make sure to read the refund terms and conditions, promotions specifically for sports parlays. Distinguish between single-leg parlay betting and combined-leg parlay betting. Betting on multiple legs requires a significant amount of money. Of course, betting on multiple legs has a higher win rate. Check the betting slip frame for more details on odds, winnings, stake amounts, etc. While the parlay is running, if the match is in progress, you can choose to refund the bet if one leg has already won. Depending on the bookmaker, the refund amount will vary. In a parlay, if a match is canceled, postponed, or the score is incorrect, the bet for that match will be voided. The parlay will continue to run, calculating for the remaining bets. Take advantage of commission fees when betting. If you're not familiar, review the article on how to calculate commission fees in sports betting.

Final Remarks

The overall summary of calculating parlay soccer bets is encapsulated in the two formulas presented above. The crucial aspect is that you must know how to analyze bookmaker odds to choose which bets to include in your parlays.


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