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Who We Are

MiSendero is an independent high school student-led organization focused on integrating and connecting English learner students to school activities by creating a format in which they can earn volunteer hours as Spanish tutors, join school clubs, become leaders within the organization, and participate in academic writing competitions to achieve success. We are expanding to high schools throughout the United States.

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What We Do

Misendero believes in action-based solutions that can be implemented at any school with a population of English learners.

Examples of MiSendero-led initiatives:

  1. MiSendero students partner with the Spanish department at their respective schools to provide Spanish tutoring services for all students. As volunteer Spanish tutors, MiSendero students earn community service credits (required for graduation and most college applications). This helps MiSendero students feel empowered to make valuable contributions to the school, get to know more students outside of their track, and be seen as leaders among their peers.

  2. MiSendero works to create new opportunities for native Spanish speaking students to compete in Spanish in school writing competitions. This gives them the chance to stand out academically and to improve their resume and college applications. 

  3. MiSendero matches English learners at their school to clubs and student liaisons based on their interests. This opens the door to participation and leadership opportunities for English learners based on their individual passions and talents. It also helps foster friendships and communication between MiSendero students and English speaking students at their schools.

  4. MiSendero encourages leadership development opportunities within the organization at every school chapter. Students have a stake in how their respective chapters are run and which activities to prioritize.  

  5. MiSendero hosts workshops to engage Latinx students from across California. We educate students about the organization, how to get involved and brainstorm ways we can support immigrants in our high schools. 

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