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Want to know how to get involved with MiSendero at your school or start a chapter? You can see which schools we are currently operating at and find instructions for starting your own chapter below.

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How to Start a MiSendero Chapter

1. Teacher advisor and club paperwork 

  • Ask a teacher to be your club advisor. Minimum requirements are that they would allow you to hold club meetings in their classroom and sign community service forms. 

  • Register MiSendero as an official ASB club using our club constitution which can be found on 


2. Study hall service 

  • Most high schools offer a study hall period during which students can receive tutoring. Some MiSendero chapters are run as a Spanish tutoring service during this period. Starting this at each school may vary but all will involve having an adult advisor who can help you facilitate it. 

3. Inviting students 

  • Once your club is registered, start recruiting English Learners interested in earning community service hours as tutors. 

  • Meet with Spanish teachers to recommend students to be tutored. 

4. Club meetings 

  • Introduce Spanish tutors to students learning Spanish. It is suggested to have an activity ready so students can easily get to know each other. Activity ideas for this are also available on our website. 

  • Any students who need help on their classwork, studying or who want to improve their conversation skills can be paired up with a tutor individually or in groups. Invite English Learners and other interested students to be club officers in areas they are passionate about. 

5. Advertising 

  • Email and DM us to be featured on our website and Instagram. Send us your bio so you can be part of the Youth Leader Board and students at your school know who is in charge of their MiSendero chapter.

  • Recruit English learners as tutors and advertise with flyers and presentations to Spanish classes. 

Get in touch with MiSendero! We are your fellow students here to help you with anything you need in order to get your chapter started. Contact or DM us on Instagram @misenderoyouth with any questions.

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MiSendero Chapters

Clubs and Seminars

Dos Pueblos High School (CA)

Club meetings held Mondays at Lunch in L1

Santa Barbara High School (CA)

Meets during Seminar and lunch

San Marcos High School (CA)

Meetings held during lunch

Ventura High School (CA)

Meeting held during lunch

Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School (FL)

Meetings held during lunch

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