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We Won the Youth Making Change Grant!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We are so excited to announce MiSendero has been awarded with the Youth Making Change Grant! This funding will allow us to host our Spring Conference and improve the services our website provides. We want to thank the Fund for Santa Barbara and Youth Making Change for making this possible. You can read more about the Fund for Santa Barbara and Youth Making Change and the amazing work they are doing below.

About the Fund

The Fund for Santa Barbara (est. 1980) is a non-traditional community foundation that supports organizations and groups working for progressive social change in Santa Barbara County. The FUND is dedicated to helping find solutions to current and emerging social problems and issues that challenge our society as a whole. We understand that social conditions improve most dramatically when those who have been denied power and justice lead on their own behalf to confront, challenge, and change the conditions that have denied them access to justice and equity.

The Fund's Mission

The Fund for Santa Barbara advances progressive change by strengthening movements for Economic, Environmental, Political, Racial, and Social Justice.

About Youth Making Change

Youth Making Change (YMC) is a teen-led grant-making program, launched in 2008, that provides young people with the opportunity to engage directly in organized philanthropy (giving grants). Each YMC Board (one meets in Santa Maria and one meets in Santa Barbara) gives out up to $15,000 in grants to projects led by youth that impact young people in Santa Barbara County

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